Being responsible for someone’s orgasm is quite the ego boost


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profoundbond-epicness-of-it-all said: The movie is called "My Girl" and it came out in 1991. Don't watch it!!! It will break your heart jfc ;_;

Beautiful movie!!

fororchestra said: I saw you enjoyed Pokemon. I arranged the Pokemon Theme Song 'Gotta Catch Em All' For Orchestra (it's on page 4 of my tumblr). I think you'll like it. - Walt


Usted y yo sabemos que en el fondo el amor, el amor, es una cosa seria.

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oh si!

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“American soldier with art recovered from Nazis. “All of this accumulated Beauty had been stolen by the most murderous thieves that ever existed on the face of the Earth. How they could retain the nicety of appreciation of great Art and be exterminating millions of people nearby in concentration camps, I couldn’t understand then and I can’t understand today.” Dr. Leonard Malamut, 11th Armored Division.” #WW2 #History @USArmy



Es una de las imágenes mas bonitas de todo Tumblr…

awww this is so cute <33


How to stay in a relationship.

  • They say: we need to talk
  • you: no we don't.
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  • Friend: What are you gonna be for Halloween?
  • Me: Drunk.
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